18 years old Frenchie that plays video games, watches anime and codes a bunch of stuff.

    Discord server

    Welcome to my website! You can find on this page links related to me, showing the way to my profile pages and channels on different websites as well as my anime list and Discord server.
    Further down are referenced my past and current projects.

    I am a 18 years old French dude, fond of programming, video games and anime.

    I first got involved with programming at the age of 12, in the video game Garry's Mod, playing on the Meta Construct server. I learned Lua there and quickly got into the fun of programming and creating something that interacted with the game, which sparkled my love for coding. Now, I love and still mainly use this language, and I'm slowly progressing towards working on other, different projects.

    There's quite a bit of other stuff that interests me, such as game and level design, modelling and animating, video editing and music composing, voice acting, drawing and finally, streaming.

    If you don't see me coding, then I'll be browsing the interwebs, playing video games or watching anime.

    The best way to contact me is through Discord. Steam and twitter are cool too. So I'll meet you there!


    Here's everything I've been working on thus far! I'm pretty proud of myself. Click on an image to learn more.

    Who I'm working for

    Co-Owner of Re-Dream, an open-source community devoid of over-reacting authorities.

    Developer at Meta Construct, one of the most popular Garry's Mod sandbox communities.

    What I'm working on

    Other than this website, obviously.

    Developing Re-Dream's Garry's Mod sandbox server.
    Click our logo to join!

    Creating Dream Bot Mark II, the Discord Bot used on Re-Dream's Discord server.

    Written in Lua, using the Discordia API library and Luvit runtime environment. Originally made for color roles, has been expanding since.

    What I've been working on

    I don't really touch this anymore but I will if I have to.

    Created the Tool Search & Favorites Workshop add-on for Garry's Mod.

    Mark any tool as favorite and quickly find what you need to use.

    Created the Gesture Menu, a Workshop add-on for Garry's Mod.

    Allows to use pre-existing animations in a more conventional manner.

    What I'm selling

    All of these are add-ons for Garry's Mod, available on gmodstore.com.
    Information for each add-on is available on their store page, reachable by clicking the corresponding banner.